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Canterbury Literary Agency is a commercial, energetic and results-focused literary agency.

It is run by a management team of four professionals: James Essinger, Dr Laurence Green, international chess master Andrew Greet, and David Unsworth.

James Essinger

James is a writer, editor, literary agent, and public relations consultant who has published more than twenty business books, three trade (mass-market) non-fiction books and one novel that he ghost-wrote. His latest book, A Female Genius, a new biography of Lord Byron’s daughter Ada Lovelace, was published in the UK in October 2013.

A longer version of this book was published in the US in October 2014 under the title Ada’s Algorithm. A Spanish version of this book has also been published. James is the author of the novel Cantia and The Mating Game (the latter with international chess master Jovanka Houska) and he is currently working on a novel about Ada Lovelace, The Ada Lovelace Project.

James is in addition planning a new biography of Charles Babbage, Machines of the Mind.

James is principal of Canterbury Literary Agency



Dr Laurence Green

Dr Laurence Green is a medical industry professional with an extensive interest in literature and in film.



Andrew Greet

Andrew Greet is a writer, editor and publisher. He is also one of Britain’s best chess-players and holds the International Master title. He is a former chess champion of Cornwall and of Scotland, where he now lives and works as an editor and publisher with one of Britain’s leading publishers of chess books.